Market research

The biggest network of betting premises in Serbia

Since the company was founded in 2000., we have fought hard to be in the lead position in the sports betting industry.

At this moment, Mozzart company market share in Serbia is 36 percent, with realistic expectations of enlarging this market share with the improvement of business operations, and with the implementation of new technological and technical solutions.

Which betting companies are you familiar with?

All market research, carried out so far, unambiguously shows the Mozzart brand image is unique, remarkable, and predominantly recognised in this specialised field. According to the latest data, in categories which refer to respectability, popularity and number of betting premises, substantial progress, in comparison to earlier research, is visible. Parameters which refer to staff, odds, betting rules, payments and level of care for players are at the same level as the previous year.

Player attitude towards

According to research that has been conducted over the past three years, the total quality improvement of our services is recording the most impressive progress in its continuity. In the last two years, research has shown that the number of our players who feel "not really content with the service" has dropped to zero percent. Our primary task is to continue that trend in the future, and, why not to say, to try and become even better.

Research of betting industry market for Mozzart has been conducted by Strategic Marketing Research
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