Slot machines

Very important aspect of our business are slot machines and accessories we produce in cooperation with the world’s recognised gaming component producers.

For a reasonable price you can purchase a sloth machine that will fulfill all your expectations. Based on particular demands various game boards can be installed. Through our developed distribution network we can deliver slot machines in a short period of time anywhere in the world.

It has been confirmed that Mozzart slot machines fully meet the needs of players throughout various markets in Southeastern Europe.

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Slot machine model MO1

Download detail specification of MO1 slot machine.

Slot machine model MO2

Download detail specification of MO2 slot machine.
  • The slot machines are easy to use, maintain and service
  • They are adapted to support mother boards made by different manufacturers
  • The machine stand allows additional modifications
  • They are equipped with two 17‘‘ displays
  • They have the possibility of networking into various casino management - jackpot systems
  • They are endurable and made of high quality materials

Slot machine mask - design by Karim Rashid

In case of need for the additional interior adjustments, we can offer you a protective cover designed by Karim Rashid, one of the world’s most recognized industrial designers.

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LCD cover

The LCD cover is delightful addition to your modern interior design.

Color variations

The slot machine cover is available in different colors, to fit the interior.

Mozzart slot machines MO1 and MO2

Slot machine able to fulfil all your expectations are available at very favourable terms.